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Countdown to Chudfest: 3 Days To Go

countdown 3

One of the problems with living with a project for so long is you start assuming everyone knows as much about it as you do. And you get confused when that proves not to be the case.

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Countdown to Chudfest: 4 days to go

Countdown 4

OK, it’s Monday morning, the weekend’s over and we’re in the final week of preparations for Chudfest. It’s getting very real now. I guess it’s time to make yet another checklist.

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Countdown to Chudfest: 5 days to go

Countdown 5

Sunday’s a day of rest, so there won’t be too much preparation going on today, although Michael is walking around with that puzzled look on his face which always means he’s working on another round for the Quiz Night.

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Chudfest Countdown: 6 Days To Go

Countdown 6

When we started planning this year’s festival over 6 months ago, it all seemed so far away. We were well-organised and there was loads of time to get everything done. Now, we’re just 6 days from the arrival of the Marquee and time seems to be racing!

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Gearing Up For The Ball


Preparations for the Ball are well under way: lists are written, provisions purchased, the bar is being stocked and jobs have been shared out.

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Commemorating Waterloo


This year is the two hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and there are a couple of events coming up during Chudfest to commemorate that fact.

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Chudfest Summer Fete


The fete on the Village Green is one of the classic parts of a British summer. Here in Chudleigh, we don’t have a Village Green; and, in fact, we’re a town, not a village. But we do have the Play Park, and we do have the fete, which will once again mark the official end of the summer festival on Sunday 12th July. Continue reading

Recapture The Hippy Magic

Disco image

“Turn on, tune in and drop out.” That’s what they used to say. And at the 60s/70s disco on Saturday 11th July, we’re going to recapture some of the spirit of that time. There’s even a prize for the chick and guy with the hippest rags!

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Talented Chudleigh

CGT Header 2

Last year we left the talent shows off the Chudfest programme – and people missed them. So this year they’re back again.  Continue reading

Comedy Night

  Allan Roberts

They say laughter is the best medicine. And if it’s true, there are going to be a lot of healthy people in Chudleigh on Thursday 9th July when we hold the Chudfest Comedy Night. Continue reading