Writers collaborating on a murderous script

Members of Chudleigh Writers Circle work on a group story during Chudfest 2015

Chudfest has been providing entertainment, education and arts within Chudleigh since 2011. None of our events would be possible without the support of the committed volunteers and other organisations in our town. Our main event is a ten-day summer festival in a huge marquee on the Play Park in the centre of town.

We are always delighted to work closely with Chudleigh Carnival and each year in May we produce a joint programme that is delivered to all houses in Chudleigh. This year we are jointly branding the two weeks as Chudleigh Summer Spectacular, and two events during this year’s Chudfest are joint events with Carnival.

Over the years Chudfest has expanded and now also runs Open Gardens, the Garden and Produce Show and the Christmas Fayre.

While the Chudfest committee organises some events, we welcome other organisations who wish to to use the marquee.  Each year , we have the Parish Church, Scouts, Pre-School, Chudleigh Writers’ Circle and many others involved in events.  Additionally we enjoy working with the Primary School to provide interactive workshops with reptiles and birds of prey;  literary workshops and competition;  as well as the annual toddlers’ party.

Our aim is to provide a range of activities to suit all taste and all pockets. Chudfest is financed by the tickets we sell, advertising in the brochure, competitions  and raffles and through sponsorship.  We are proud that Chudfest is a self-financing operation.

We keep things fresh and would welcome more people who are willing to organise events. So, come join the team; if you want to take part you can contact us at chudfest@yahoo.co.uk

Finance at Chudfest

Several people have asked how Chudfest is financed.  This is an important question especially when money is in short supply.  The main financing for Chudfest is through the two advertising brochures per year, the autumn variety concert and event sales during the summer.  By far the most expensive part of Chudfest is the Summer Festival.  The cost of the marquee, toilets, bins, licenses, PA etc. is around £6,000.  This is before any tickets are sold.  So on the face of it each day must bring in £600 profit, just to pay for the infrastructure.  We try to provide events at a range of costs so more people can benefit.  In fact, we provide free events for children: Birds of prey and pre-school party. In addition, the fete is free.  We also encourage use of the marquee and playpark for other organisations to fund raise.

Each event will have additional costs.  Live performers rightly charge considerable sums for their talents. Catering can also be expensive.  These additional costs are met by tickets, and food and drink sales.  A significant chunk of money comes from our brochure which we jointly produce with carnival (money from adverts in their section goes straight to carnival).  We also try to get sponsorship and have varied success at this.   Many businesses in and around Chudleigh also provide raffle and tombola prizes.  Details can be found on this site here. Event organisers aim to have their costs met by the event itself, but sometimes we deliberately provide events below cost.  We don’t cost in the time and odds and ends that committee members and event organisers give.  If it wasn’t for the 60 plus volunteers involved there would be no Chudfest!

Overall we try to break even on the 10 days. When we make a surplus, it is carried forward for future events, and to fund the hugely popular christmas lights that adorn our streets in December.

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