Box Office

The Chudfest Box Office, at Chudleigh Town Hall, Market Way, Chudleigh, Devon, TQ13 0HL, opens on Saturday 4th June. It will be open between 9.30am and 12.30pm every Saturday until 1st July.

During the week, tickets will also be on sale from the town hall (small office on the left of the door), when the office is manned (normally from about 9.15 till 3pm).

You will find us either on the forecourt or in the Town Hall, depending on the weather. The box office will have details of all events, entry forms, and tickets for sale.

After 1st july, tickets will be on sale at Chudfest events. You can still buy tickets online, or email and reserve tickets for collection on the door.

As the news about Chudfest spreads, the number of people coming along to events from outside town is growing. If you are unable to get to Chudleigh to buy tickets at the Box Office, get in touch via and we will arrange an alternative method of payment with you.


2 thoughts on “Box Office

  1. Sally Chapman says:

    Can I reserve a ticket for Live at Chudleigh Apollo please to collect on Saturday 24th June

  2. Kate Guest says:

    How do we book online please? I’d like two tickets for the Thursday Comedy club, Friday Variety Night and Saturday disco. I can collect the tickets on Saturday 24th, June. Thank you.

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